The elusive place where the magic happens

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Poetry comes from a place that no one commands, that no one conquers… In other words, if I knew where the good songs came from I would go there more often.

from Leonard Cohen’s Prince of Asturias Letters Award acceptance speech

Light travel

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light is a confused aggregate of rays endued with all sorts of colours, as they are promiscuously darted from the various parts of luminous bodies

From A Letter of Mr. Isaac Newton, Professor of the Mathematics in the University of Cambridge, Containing His New Theory about Light and Colours.

Pondering the limitations of the physical plane

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Let’s just say I’m not thrilled with the limitations of the body. If I had my choice I’d live elsewhere. As an escapist, a dreamer, I can mindtravel anywhere. But in this lifetime the heart is made of meat. We’re tethered to it.

 Melissa Broder, here. (via muscovite)

Consistency is overrated

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There is a voice in my head that I’d like to banish: an iteration of patriarchy that has told me to aim for emotional consistency & a controlled persona. Once my mother told me that I would never be loved as long as I couldn’t figure out how to have one single, knowable identity… Who I was shifted from moment to moment. My credibility was questioned because I acted differently with different people. But people are different, I always think. Shouldn’t you consider that? I don’t see what’s wrong with shattering into fifty pieces at once every time you try to commit to an idea. Much important thinking, writing, & activism seeks to unify those parts, but first you have to get to know the splits & fault lines. We know this! Yet ambivalence, fragmentation & contradiction are still often seen to undermine one’s authority in art, especially if the artist is a woman. How can you look so sweet & talk so ugly?

Monica McClure, here.  (via muscovite)